8 Best Places To Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s history dates back thousands of years. Although it is small, the country has too much history, nature, and splendor to look on at. Explore its beaches, jungles, tea plantations, temples, and lots greater from our listing of the maximum lovely locations to go to in Sri Lanka.


The mysterious rocky outcrop of Sigiriya rises steeply from the country’s central plains and is perhaps the most striking sight in Sri Lanka. The nearly vertical wall sits atop a flat-topped hill, where the ruins of an ancient palace are located, believed to be the center of the short-lived Kassapa Kingdom. The view through the mist-shrouded forest in the early morning is fascinating, but you can also make time to visit the charming on-site museum. After climbing the rock, try to climb the nearby hills to enjoy the incomparable beauty of Sigiriya, towering above the forest.


There are many historical sites in Sri Lanka, but Anuradhapura is special. This place has tall bowl-shaped stupas, ruined monasteries and sacred tanks, which illuminate the spiritual history of Sri Lanka. Sri Maha Bodhi (Sri Maha Bodhi) is one of the oldest trees in the world. It is located in the middle of the complex and grew out of a tree. When he was enlightened in Buddha Gaya, India, more than 2000 years ago. 


Polonnaruwa is a metropolis withinside the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The 2d maximum historic of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms, Polonnaruwa become first declared the capital metropolis via way of means of King Vijayabahu I withinside the eleventh century AD and maintained its reputation till the thirteenth century. In 1982 the historical metropolis of Polonnaruwa turned into inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The records of Polonnaruwa is to be had at this link 

What’s best approximately Polonnaruwa is that the ruins are iQn a single compact place so that you can go to them pretty easily. 


The ancient city of Sri Lanka may have the longest history, but Kandy has the power of faith. The cultural capital of the island is famous for the location of the Holy Tooth Relic Temple. It is said that there is a tooth of the Buddha himself in the central shrine. For the Sinhalese, this is the most sacred place on the island. For tourists, Kandy offers more physical rewards: a nostalgic walk through the old city, magnificent views of Central Lake, some interesting museums, and some of the best botanical gardens on the island.


Galle de Galle, the port and metropolis of Sri Lanka, is a massive port at the southern coast of the island.  The galle dates returned to the thirteenth century and can were a long term in the past however in the course of the Portuguese rule (1507 – 1640) it have become the primary port of the island.  Under Dutch rule it turned into the island capital till 1656, changing Colombo.  The upward push of the Port of Colombo withinside the 2nd 1/2 of of the nineteenth century brought about the decline of Galle, however because of the congestion in Colombo a few ships had been diverted to Galle.  Situated sixty five miles (a hundred and five km) southeast of Colombo, the metropolis is nicely related through street and rail.  There is a cement manufacturing facility in operation.  The anciental segment of the metropolis with a castle and different colonial homes became specific a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.  A big tsunami prompted through a primary earthquake in December 2004 destroyed lots of Galle.

Yala National park

Located at the island’s southeast coast, this country wide park is thought for leopard safaris. Leopards are very rare, however the park has a huge populace and it is feasible to identify them even on an afternoon trip. The park is likewise domestic to a huge populace of Asian elephants, that are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Aside from the fauna, the park is domestic to a few incredible, numerous environments and ecosystems. You can go to the marine and seaside surroundings of the coastal areas, observe leopards throughout good sized grasslands, or discover tropical rainforests.

There also are a few important Buddhist temples and shrines inside Yala, which isn’t always a long way from the metropolis of Hambantota.

Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach is a wide sandy coastline, covered with palm trees and dotted with fishing boats. Located in the northeast of Sri Lanka, 30 minutes drive from Trincomalee City. If isolation in Nilaveli is not always sufficient, you can take a boat to Pigeon Island, about half a mile offshore. This small island has a calm coast and the waves are gentle due to its small personal reef. Although Nilaveli\u2019s seafront is large, it is very famous among locals and tourists. There are mandatory lifeguards and many small restaurants by the sea, the largest one specializing in seafood. C Beyond is a luxurious boutique motel overlooking Nilaveli’s beach, lagoon and ocean. The elegant and spacious complex is praised for the private visitor services of the small hotels. The Trincomalee area is also suitable for sightseeing because it is the center of Tamil culture. Tamil is the language of Sri Lanka and the ethnic organization to which the majority of citizens belong.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Another seashore recognized for its sturdy surf and exact surfing, Hikkaduwa is withinside the southwest, near Galle and approximately ninety five kilometers from Colombo. The seaside is traditional of these in Sri Lanka, subsidized with dense foliage and palm trees. The water right here is brilliant aqua and the sand is exceptional and white. A country wide park lies at the back of the seaside area. It’s certainly considered one among most effective 3 marine countrywide parks withinside the us of a and has its very own coral sanctuary. In addition to the coral, the park is thought for its marine turtles and fish

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