Jaffna City in Sri Lanka

Jaffna is the major city of the Jaffna district. Jaffna positioned near to the sub-continent of India as well as it separated by Palk strait and the Bay of Bengal. this city was face to 30 years of war. Now this city established as a brand-new way. Today numerous tourists are checking out to the Jaffna for feeling that society and also to get new experiences.

Getting to Jaffna

You can reach to Jaffna from Colombo through A9 road. It will take 7-8 hours and it has 404km from Colombo to Jaffna

Also, you can visit to Jaffna by train or Plane.

History of Jaffna.

Nagadipa or Naka-diva was allegedly the ancient name offered to the Jaffna peninsula. Nagadipa is first pointed out in the Pali narrates of Sri Lanka about the story of the Buddha’s second browse through to the island in the 6th century B.C. Mahavamsa (ch.1. vv 44-70) narrates that the Buddha during this check out made tranquility in between two Naga kings of Nagadipa who will wage war over a gem-set throne.

According to records assessed by the Portuguese, Prince Sapumal of Kotte re-populated the barren ‘Yapanaya’ (The Sinhalese Term for Jaffna) with the Sinhalese of Kotte Kingdom. Throughout the Dutch period Jaffna was occupied by the south Indians brought right into the peninsula for the farming of Tobacco. Today the Jaffna peninsula is inhabited mostly by the Tamils.

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