Sri Dalada Maligawa

Sri Dalada Maligawa, additionally known as, the Temple of the Tooth, is just one of the landmark sites in the city of Kandy. It is located in the heart of Kandy town surrounded by the lake and also the industrial district. The Maligawa was once the royal palace populated by the king and also his consorts, but after the demise of the Kandyan Kingdom the royal residence was transformed right into a Buddhist holy place that holds Buddha’s tooth.It is a have to go to location for all travelers. Site visitors can behold Buddhist rituals, discover the museum that consists of numerous old artefacts, and also pay your tribute to the tooth antique at one of the Buddhist events held at the premises. The building grandeur and also the historic importance of the Dalada Maligawa are sure to impress you. Sights are: the Aluth Maligawa, Audience Hall and also the World Buddhism Museum.Before preparing your check out remember that the Maligawa is a Buddhist shrine as well as you will certainly require to wear outfit that covers your shoulders and also legs.

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