Temples in Sri Lanka

1, Sri Dalada Maligawa

Sri Dalada Maligawa is the Sinhalese name for this holy shrine. Famously called Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, it is proclaimed to be one of the most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. It houses the tooth of Buddha snuggled in a golden chamber as well as is within the properties of the imperial palace complex (formerly a baronial state). Kandy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as it is claimed that whichever state holds the tooth relic, preserves a crucial place in the governance of the nation.

2, Dambulla Temple

Via the Golden mouth of a lion-like Beast and a brief walk up a hillside are 5 stunning caverns that house some of one of the most impressive holy places in Sri Lanka. Larger-than-life Buddha sculptures and also detailed, colorful portraits of Buddha can be discovered in the caverns. Site visitors will certainly stroll along colonial-style exterior passages that connect the caverns to man-made lily fish ponds. This has actually been a Buddhist expedition site for over two centuries. The place, which goes back to the first century BC, is now inhabited by Buddhist monks that manage the land.

3, Gangarama Temple

Gangaramaya Temple is a popular Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka with a fascinating blend of different styles and cultures. It was constructed initially in the 19th century and begun by the famous scholar-monk Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Nayaka Thera. The temple is a distinct mix of architectural designs from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Chinese and also India.

4, Mihintale Temple

The inauguration of Buddhism in Sri Lanka started at this hill top near Anuradhapura, which is thought to be the conference website of the Buddhist monk Mahinda and also King Devanampiyatissa. This epicentre of Buddhism is now a preferred expedition website, with a number of spiritual monuments as well as abandoned frameworks frequented by supporters and site visitors from all over the world.

5, Koneshwaram Temple

The Koneswaram holy place is just one of the main highlights of the eastern shore of Sri Lanka in Trincomalee. This holy place in Sri Lanka lies high over the bay, and also you can check out the awesome as well as amazing views on all sides. The website is a spiritual trip for the Hindus and is additionally referred to as the Kailasa of the South. The Koneswaram holy place is just one of the 5 “Pancha Ishwarams” (homes of Shiva) which has been developed to praise Lord Shiva- the supreme God of Hinduism.

6, Muthiyangana Temple

An ancient Buddhist holy place, Muthiyangana Temple is believed to be visited for the threee times by Gautam Buddha. The website at which the temple is located additionally plays signficant role throughout the episodes of Ramayana. Teh war versus Ravana was said to be fought in the place as Lanka was his home. This temple in Sri Lanka creates a crucial sacred website for the followers of Budhhism.

7, Munneshwaram Temple

An important holy place complicated that is steeped in misconceptions and believed to have been existing since 1000 CE, Munneswaram Temple is among the Pancha Ishwarams dedicated to Lord Shiva. A collection of five holy places including a Buddhist Temple, the greatest as well as most famous temple is committed to Lord Shiva. The complicated is additionally the website of the auspicious Munneswaram Festival, a four-week-long occasion gone to by Buddhists as well as Hindus alike

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